Welcome to the Townsend Community Couples Club

The Townsend Community Couples Club is a non-profit Townsend community organization made up of married couples who live in Townsend or who do business in Townsend.

The Club meets approximately once per month (except during the summer, when we will usually get together just one time) for a business meeting and a club activity of some kind. These activities vary widely from attending plays or concerts, to meeting at a local hall for a pot luck and games. We've even had dance lessons at one meeting.

One thing you can be sure of - it'll be interesting!

Generally, the club has one fund raiser per year, usually consisting of providing the food and games at one of the Townsend Band Concerts. The money raised is then used to fund one or more projects or local organizations.

Offical Purpose of the Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide for married couples of the community:
  • a means of rendering unified support to worthwhile community institutions and projects
  • an opportunity to exchange ideas on a variety of subjects
  • an opportunity for social and recreational activities

Interested? Curious? Contact us!

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Townsend Community Couples Club
PO Box 817
Townsend, MA 01469